There are two different ways to become a Chaverware™ customer:

Option 1: Choose one of the "Chaverware™ Freedom Plans". The Freedom Plan is a five (5) year commitment to support; in exchange for that commitment you receive Chaverware™ for free . The payments for the Freedom Plan are made once per year. The different Freedom Plans that are available are similar in services to the annual Support Contracts that we offer.

  • By choosing the Freedom Plan you lock in your costs for the next five years.

Option 2: Purchase Chaverware™ according to the prices listed on the "Chaverware 5 Price list". This includes one (1) free year of unlimited technical support.

  • In Future years (year 2 and future) choose one of our Support Contract options
  • Both Options include two (2) hours of online training.
  • Both give you the Gold Standard in Synagogue Membership Software, Chaverware™.
  • All Prices quoted are in US funds and are valid for thirty (30) days from the time of quotation
  • Additional Training

On Site: $195/hour plus travel time and expenses or $1,395/day plus travel time and expenses
Remote: $160/hour

OPTION 1: Chaverware Freedom Plan

Circuits & Systems Computers & Peripherals Inc. agrees to provide technical support according to the plan below. This will cover you through the period of the Freedom Plan as long as payments are made in a timely fashion.
In exchange for a Five (5) year Freedom Plan , you will receive a 3-user** license of Chaverware™ for FREE .

Freedom Plan @$1,995/year

  • Unlimited Support for Chaverware™, including diagnosing problems with data entry, incorrect or damaged databases, and general "how to" issues.
  • Incremental updates and Major upgrades
  • 2 hours of initial training. (Provided by our staff through a remote connection)
  • Training (Provided by our staff through a remote connection) for 1 Hour on the use of Chaverware™ or the Accounting Software*, for any new employee hired

Freedom Plan Plus @$2,425/year

Identical to Freedom Plan in addition you also receive:

  • Support for the included accounting software*, such as diagnosing problems with data entry, incorrect or damaged databases, and general "how to" issues in areas NOT related to the linkage to Chaverware™
  • Standard data conversion from your existing software.

Freedom Plan Premium @ $3,200/year

Identical to Freedom Plan Plus in addition you also receive:

  • Remote Installation assistance
  • Religious School Module
  • Support for Windows®, Network and Hardware issues related to the use of Chaverware™ or included accounting software* only.

This includes problems running either package caused by:

  • Installation of another program onto the system
  • Installation of, or changes of hardware, i.e. new computer, printer etc
  • Damaged or incorrectly setup Windows files
  • Damaged or incorrectly setup network files
  • Poor or incorrect network connections to your server.

*Included accounting Software can be either QuickBooks or Peachtree
(A single user license of either Peachtree Complete Accounting for Windows or QuickBooks Pro is included at no extra charge)

** Each Additional 3 user license pack @$675/year

There are different financial penalties that apply for early termination of the contract

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OPTION 2: Chaverware 5 Price List (If Freedom Plan is not chosen)

Chaverware 5 software system for Synagogues: $3,400

For up to 3 concurrent users*

  • Membership Management
  • Web connectivity
  • Yahrzeit and Cemetery
  • Data Integration with MS Word, MS Excel and others
  • Accounts Receivable with billing and statements
  • Donation database
  • General Ledger
  • Budgets
  • Financial Statements
  • Trial Balances
  • Accounts Payable
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Fully Networkable
  • Report Generator
  • Unlimited Support for one full year
  • 2 hours of initial training remotely**

Includes a single user license of Peachtree ® Complete Accounting or QuickBooks® Pro.
Additional licenses of Peachtree or QuickBooks are available, please contact our sales department.

*Additional 3 user license pack @$675

Hebrew/Sunday School Module: $775

ChaverWeb: $1.30/family member unit/year

  • Full class database with teacher information
  • Reports by Class and Grade
  • Labels by Class and Grade
  • Attendance information
  • Utilize the same master Name and Address List from Chaverware™

Data conversion is done on a per case basis. Once you submit your data to us in ASCII, dBase, Microsoft Access or other standard format we will provide you with a cost of conversion. This cost is typically between $2,000-$3,500 but in some cases can be more.

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All Prices are subject to change with 30 days notice.


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